Writing an Essay on The Crucible: Best Tips to Follow

The crucible is a very popular play studied by students across the world. The play is heralded as a classical American play and it uses many theatrical devices to achieve an astounding effect on its audiences, making them experience many different types of emotions. This article will give you the best tips on how to write a great essay on The Crucible


The first thing to consider, when writing a paper on the play, is the themes it presents. You should recognize and analyze these themes in great detail, answering questions such as why these themes are so important to the play, along with why the playwright, Arthur Miller, chose to implement them. The main themes that the play revolves around are:

  • Puritinism and individuality
  • Hysteria
  • Ideology
  • Reputation and integrity

These are the central themes pivotal to the play, and so you should analyze them in great detail.

Historical Context

You should closely analyze the historical context of the play. Since the play is set in the 17th century, but written by Miller in 1953, you should analyze some of the historical aspects that Miller has wrongly portrayed.

Some other historical contexts of the play to consider is how did Arthur’s own time play an influence on the play, in terms of the social and political questions being asked in his day.


Your essay about The Crucible should be in a neat format that is easy for your reader to follow and understand. Due to this, we recommend the following format for your paper:

  • Introduction: This is an overview of The Crucible essay. You should introduce the topic you will be talking about without going into too much depth.
  • Main Body: This is the main section of your essay. Here, you should analyze the themes central to the play, the theatrical effects Miller uses to evoke an emotional response from the audience and the historical context of the play.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summary of everything you have discussed in the paper.

As you can see, there is an abundance of analysis involved to attain a good mark in your paper about the play, but with this guide you should know exactly how to accomplish this.

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