Free Tips Right Here and Right Now: Music Essay Topics

Composing an essay about music can come as a shock for many music students. After all, you are either supposed to be playing some music or using your great imagination and creativity to create some music, right? Well, you will find during college that this view is a very primitive one, and quite incorrect. You will be tasked to write many essays on music, but you do not need to fret much, since we have you covered In this regard.


Since, as a music student, you may have little experience in writing papers, we will give you some hints and how to structure your work. Your assignment should follow the basic guidelines that all typical assignments follow, namely that it should have an introduction, main body and a conclusion. Ask MyEssayGeek to help you.

Another thing to keep in mind is to plan your paper before you start it. This provides many reference points for you to look back on when you are actually writing out your work.

Finally, always ensure to edit your work and to proof read before handing in your final draft. You will be surprised at how many small mistakes you make when writing your paper.


The aspect of writing a college essay about music that gives students the most trouble is choosing an adequate topic to write about. Thus, we have made a list of some of the best topics to base your paper on.

  • How can music be used to socialize?
  • Is music a universal language that transcends cultural and language barriers?
  • Do a paper on classical music
  • Research about the effects of music on the brain
  • How has music changed throughout history in Europe
  • How is music used to bring people together in the modern world
  • Is copyrighting severly hampering the music industry?
  • How does music affect fashion?
  • How has rap become a part of popular culture?
  • How has jazz music decreased in popularity?

As you can see, although it seem like a hard task to compose an assignment on music, with our list of some of the best music topics to write about, it no longer remains a seemingly impossible task.