How to Complete Your 5 Paragraph Descriptive Essay with Flying Colors

A five paragraph descriptive paper is a very useful guideline to keep in mind, just not for your papers, but also as one when you compose any piece of writing. It is a very effective way of developing your composition skills. These types of essays are common as short essays during your time in school and college. It is used more so in high school, thank college, where you will encounter longer assignments.

What It Entails

As the name might suggest, these types of assignments are supposed to be done in five paragraphs. This means that your custom term paper has the following structure:

  • Introduction: This is the first paragraph of your work. Here, you give an overview to your reader of what you will be discussing, and introduce the topic.
  • Main Body: This will consist of three paragraphs, and here you will develop your writing.
  • Conclusion: This is the last paragraph of your work. The conclusion provides a brief summary of your writing.

A descriptive essay is one that involves describing something- object, place, person, feelings, situation etc. It allows for a lot of creative freedom, as you are encouraged to be creative with your description to create a vivid image of what you are describing in your reader’s mind.


If you want to complete your 5 paragraph essay with flying colors, then you need to employ a successful strategy. Firstly, we need to discuss how you will structure the main body of your paper.

We recommend for you to provide your strongest description in your second paragraph, your next strongest in the third and your weakest description in your fourth paragraph. This way, you start off with a strong impression on the reader. At the end of each main body paragraph, the final sentence should transition into the following paragraph.

In terms of tackling your descriptive work, make sure that your descriptions are easy to understand for your reader. So when you have finished a certain description, read it out loud to yourself. If you find it hard to form an impression just by your words, and not by what you have in mind, then your description is clearly lacking and needs improvement.

As you can see, these types of papers teach you the very essence of academic writing. Descriptive writing encourages you to reach into the creative side of your mind, where as a five paragraph structure teaches you how to set out your work.