Topic Prompts For Persuasive Essays

An argumentative essay, another term for a persuasive essay is a type of essay where reason and logic are applied to present an argument on a certain topic. The provision of sufficient evidence exposes the clear position taken by the writer on the argument. The writer has to choose a side and clearly state why they support that side and not the other. Persuasive essays help to build on the argumentative part of education, demonstrating to students the need for factual evidence in any claims that one makes.

Teachers provide the necessary guidance that students require to successfully write a persuasive essay. However, the freedom to choose a topic should be given to students so that they can widen their knowledge or even be more specific in their ideological presentations. Discussed below are some essay topics to guide students whenever stuck.

Educational topics

There are different education systems across the world and each system works differently and effectively in various countries. The systems have many differences and there are varied opinions as to which system is the best. In this field, there are many topics to be explored depending on the area of interest for a student.

Political topics

It is considered impolite to discuss politics or religion. These are considered to be amongst the most sensitive issues in society. Despite this, politics present a wide range of topics to be used in a persuasive essay and can be a great area to explore. Taking into consideration your political stand, it may end up being quite interesting to discuss politics in your country or globally.

Law and crime topics

Unfortunately, crime is inevitable in any society. New issues are arising daily and thus providing a variety of topics to choose from in this sector for a persuasive essay.

Health topics

Health is a hotbed of ideas. It is a topic that everyone deals with daily, whether directly or indirectly affected. Matters like vaccines, drug abuse, cancer, and others could be of great interest to argue about in a persuasive essay. Topics in the health sector could also serve as an eye-opener to health issues people face in society.

Gender and women’s topics

Is it just a myth in the society that women and men have inherent differences? Is it really about equity or equality when it comes to these two genders? Over the past 100 years, women have achieved a lot in terms of their rights in American society. It is however believed that there is still a lot to be done to attain rights equal to their male counterparts. This is also another area that presents many topics to draw a persuasive essay.

Miscellaneous topics 

Other topics have not been listed above and these are brought about by the creativity or knowledge level of the writer. Just as the other topics, these too present an opportunity to explore and form an argumentative essay.