Top Opinion Essay Topics To Explore

An opinion essay requires the writer to clearly state their opinion regarding an issue and provide sufficient supporting evidence. Any matter that an individual has strong opinions about can be a topic but without the evidence and facts, it is challenging to write a successful opinion paper. In the case where coming up with ideas proves to be a hard task, some of the suggestions below and be of great help when discussed in-depth:

  1. Do you agree with the use of the death penalty as corporal punishment for specific crimes or should it be totally banned and instead a different punishment is given?
  2. In your opinion is it true to say that making a compromise shows a sign of weakness in a person?
  3. What are some of the situations that military force should be applied to you?
  4. Can you agree with the statement that schools encourage the creativity of students?
  5. Considering the improvement of your city, what are some of the major issues that the mayor of the city should address in this improvement?
  6. In the modern system of offering justice, is the treatment of the poor and the rich equal?
  7. Can you agree with the statement that your country is headed in the wrong direction?
  8. What is your opinion on sports gambling considering the rise in a negative attitude towards this type of gambling?
  9. Is it fair that rich people should pay more taxes and contribute more to economic growth as compared to the middle class and poor people?
  10. Do you accede with the assumption that tests are not amongst the best methods of testing the level of knowledge in students?
  11. Between talent and hard work which one is more important?
  12. Why is it that people nowadays tend to talk more than listen to each other?
  13. Do you think there is enough reason to extend school days?
  14. Should the approach used in teaching Mathematics to be changed to encourage more students to change their attitude towards the subject?
  15. Is technology making people lonely?
  16. How can the situation of teenage smoking be improved?
  17. Do you agree that people should stop complaining about their problems and instead work on addressing them?
  18. Should the legal drinking age be raised? Why?
  19. Do you think it is effective to punish children for scoring low grades and awarding them for performing well? How does this impact their view of life in terms of academics from childhood through adulthood?
  20. Does modern culture present a threat to childhood?
  21. Do you believe that young people do have new ideas to teach older people? If so, what are some of the things you can educate your parents on?
  22. Do the methods applied by your school give punishment for misbehavior effectively? If not, what are some of the recommendable methods that you can advise your school to adopt and will be considered effective?