The topic for Cause and Effect Essay

For a good essay, firm and great ideas are vital. Writing an essay is not simple, but through hard work and practice, your skills will improve. Sometimes it is always hard for you because of the topics you choose. For a good essay, your subject must be captivating. The one you pick will either impress the reader or not. For your article to be accepted, it has to have all the requirements that will make it captivating. Here are some topics for cause and effect essay:

  1. What are the causes and effects of pollution?
  2. Changes that can get found in the ocean
  3. What are the sources and results of the popularity of fast foods restaurants
  4. Does the internet have any influence on kids?
  5. Why are Sports popular in the US?
  6. Effects of professional sport on children.
  7. How is alcohol-related to the nervous system, and what damages does it cause?
  8. Analyze and explain domestic violence to people
  9. What is the experience of growing up with a single parent?
  10. What are the effects of bullying on children?
  11. Should a country put politics against the neighboring countries?
  12. Does a human body have any music effect?
  13. Is it right to date at a young age? Explain your reason
  14. How do women get involved in destructive relationships?
  15. Earthquakes and the problems they cause to a country and the people
  16. How social media affects young people
  17. The life of growing up in poverty and what it causes
  18. How does stress affect our health, and what measures can help?
  19. The human body and the effects of drug abuse
  20. What is the influence of a favorite book?
  21. How the US is affected by war in Syria
  22. Damages smoking can cause on a pregnant woman
  23. What are the causes and effects of telling lies?
  24. What is the reason for divorce, and how does it affect people?
  25. Impacts of genetically engineered food
  26. What are the causes of a tsunami?
  27. Explain the meaning, root, and effects of racism
  28. How is the economy affected by globalization?
  29. Reasons for choosing your college and course
  30. Credit culture and its effects
  31. Explain the meaning of terrorism, causes, and effects
  32. What does one require to be a good teacher, mother, doctor, or artist?
  33. Effects and causes of homeschooling to students and parents
  34. Why is Heart problem a disease affecting many people?
  35. Explain the starting point of world war two and how it affected people and the economy
  36. Is online dating good or bad? What are the effects?
  37. What is the influence of Uber on taxi drivers?
  38. How being in a happy relationship affects a person.
  39. How traveling the world changes and affects one's life and personality.


Make sure the topic you choose is vital to you. When you pick the right essay, you have a chance to have the best one. If you take a captivating topic, you have nothing to lose. Take your time and choose a topic that will give you one of the best essays. Again remember that the more you write, the more you get perfect. The above subjects will help you get to another level.