Writing about History: How to Complete a Powerful Essay on the Cold War

The cold is a very significant event in history that is still analyzed closely by historians today. What is most interesting about this period in history is the fact that many students, and certainly a large percentage of teachers teaching them about it, will have been alive at some point during this period. The cold war pitted the two superpowers of the time against each other, but what characterizes this war is the fact that they were never involved in any direct conflict. Many students are tasked with writing an essay on this war and this guide will show you how to create a powerful one.


Before you get down to writing, you need to do diligent research in order to create a powerful paper that will impress your teachers and gain your high marks. There are many resources that you can utilize that will greatly further your understanding of the cold war. Due to the event happening in a time where so many mediums were available, you can easily find TV news recordings, newspaper articles and radio broadcast from the time to directly get a feel of how this period was. These resources can be found online, or in your local library.

You can also visit your university/college library to take out books on the cold war for a further analysis on the main events that occurred during the period. You should take notes for significant events that occurred, and the analysis of its implication and effects to use in your essay.


Once you have compiled your research, it is time to choose a good powerful topic that will acquire you high marks for your work. The following are some of the best topics to write a cold war essay on:

  • To what extent did the Yelta Conference of 1945 bring about the Cold War?
  • How did the Cold War affect a divided Europe?
  • How could have the Cold War been avoided after the Second World War?
  • How did Eastern Europe contribute to the Cold War?
  • How did the military alliances of NATO and the Warsaw Pact differ?
  • Why was American society afraid of communist infiltration?
  • Compare and conrast a country from each side of the Cold War.
  • Did Ronald Raegan’s hard stand on the Cold War duing the 1980s help bring about the demise of the Soviet Union?
  • What was the impact of the Cold War on Europe?
  • How did Detente develop during the years 1969 to 1979?

These are, in our opinion, great topics to base your paper about the Cold War on. These give you many talking points, and many events linked to these topics that can be analyzed in great detail.

Many students are tasked with writing essays on this very significant event in history. What makes this period so fascinating is that the two superpowers of the world were never involved in a direct conflict, and instead fought many proxy wars. If you follow our research guidelines, and choose one of our topic suggestions, then there is no doubt that you will produce a powerful paper.