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Create A Plan

Learn Essay Types

Select A Great Topic


Working space

When you have to write extremely fast, you need your working table be intact to get the right mood. Make sure everything you will need is there: sheets of paper, a couple of pens, a pencil and a gum if necessary, a laptop with all electronic material, and all books you need. Also you can buy essays online,if you don't have time to do it.

Avoid Distractions

Turn off the music, Wi-Fi connection, and other external noises that may distract you. Make sure you’ve eaten some time before you start working so hunger doesn’t become a distraction either. Ask your family and friends not to bother you while you’re writing.


All people are different, everyone has his or her own approaches to calming down and concentrating on work. Make sure you know what works great for you. It can be a minute of just breathing and freeing your mind, or anything else you can think of.

Guidelines for Creating the Best Essay in an Hour

Perhaps every student has been in a situation when they had a couple of hours left till the deadline, and nothing was ready yet. Luckily, there are some technique that will help you write an outstanding essay in just an hour. Another option, is to use this website to purchase a custom essay on any topic.

Dividing the Time

Divide your hour wisely and start working fast from the very beginning. If you leave many things to the last 10 minutes, you are not likely to get a good work. Use the first 15 minutes on planning, searching materials, and writing keywords. Then leave about half an hour on writing the essay itself. The last 15 minutes should be left for final touches and proofreading. By using this simple plan, you will create a wonderful academic paper in only 60 minutes.

Writing a Top-Notch Essay

It’s really important that the materials you need are found as fast as possible. Search engines give different results for different entries. Make sure you include all the most valuable keywords for your topic so you get the most reliable articles. Also try filters and extended search – these features can help you find everything faster.

Using a good sample will help you write the best work in just an hour. Thus you will see the proper structure, plan, introduction and conclusion writing techniques, etc. Make sure the samples you use are high quality papers without major mistakes, as you don’t need to copy bad choices of other people.

Make sure you spend a couple of minutes on sketching the plan of your future work. This will help you immensely, as you will not get lost in everything you have to write. After you are done with one part, remove it from the plan.

Before you start composing your work, write at least five keywords or key sentences on the topic. Look at them every time you lose a thought or don’t know what to write, they usually help to get back into the work. Write only the most important key phrases and sentences.

If you suddenly get an idea of what to write in any other part of your work, make sure to note it briefly and then use it. This will help you get the work done much faster than you usually do.

Divide your thoughts in as many paragraphs you need, so you don’t get confused when proofreading it. This process will take just a couple of minutes, as you don’t have much time to spare on it, so the more paragraphs you use, the better.